Taxi Care and Accident Claims

During the course of our dealings with you we may obtain a variety of information about you. This policy explains how we look after that information and what we do with it. We have a legal duty under the Data Protection Act 1998 to protect your information and prevent it falling into the wrong hands.

We must also ensure that the data we hold is accurate, adequate, relevant and not excessive. Much of the information we hold will come directly from you during our discussions with You about the circumstances of the accident you were involved in, but we may also receive information from:

With Auto Claims UK We Can:

  • Have your vehicle repaired at the garage of your choice

  • Provide a Temporary Replacement Taxi

  • Compensate any loss of earnings

  • Personal injury compensation

  • Refund of any policy excess

  • The garage or body shop repairing your car
  • Free legal advice

  • Management of all paperwork and correspondence

Your insurance company may suggest you use their in-house claims management company, you are not obliged to do this. Often insurance companies are unable to provide the very detailed, specific and local services the Hackney or Private Taxi owner needs. Often by the time the insurance company’s claims management service have found a suitable vehicle, had it locally tested, licenced, metered, tariffed and wired etc you have lost a week’s fares.

Auto Claims UK Ltd “Keep You On The Road” We have been dealing with taxi claims for many years and have experience locally and nationwide with taxi customers, you can be assured we fully understand the needs of your taxi business.

Whilst “Keep You On The Road” is sorting out the practicalities of your claim and getting you back on the road, our experienced personal injury solicitors will handle your personal injury claim for loss of earnings, personal injury and any other financial losses.