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Taxi Care and Accident Claims

Statistics show that taxi drivers are seldom the cause of road traffic accidents but are more often on the receiving end of someone else's poor driving. The difference between the two parties is that the cab driver needs his car on the road to keep earning his living, while the person who caused the accident, very often can carry on working while their vehicle is being repaired.

Many people are still not aware that if you have a motor vehicle accident that is not your fault, whether you have comprehensive insurance or third party insurance only, you are entitled to instruct a Claims Management Company of your choice to help you.

With Auto Claims UK We Can:

Have your vehicle repaired at the garage of your choice

Arrange collection and delivery of your vehicle

Provide a Temporary Replacement Taxi

Refund of any policy excess

Compensate any loss of earnings

Free legal advice

Personal injury compensation

Management of all paperwork and correspondence

Your insurance company may suggest you use their in-house claims management company, you are not obliged to do this. Often insurance companies are unable to provide the very detailed, specific and local services the Hackney or Private Taxi owner needs. Often by the time the insurance company's claims management service have found a suitable vehicle, had it locally tested, licenced, metered, tariffed and wired etc you have lost a week's fares.

With Auto Claims UK Ltd "Keep You On The Road" service deal for taxi claims and many years of experience locally and nationwide with taxi customers, you can be assured we fully understand the needs of your taxi business. Whilst "Keep You On The Road" is sorting out the practicalities of your claim and getting you back on the road, our experienced personal injury solicitors will handle your personal injury claim for loss of earnings, personal injury and any other financial losses.

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